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Suggested Use

All Ryno Power Sports Supplements are designed and developed to work in a system to provide the body with what it needs before, during and after physical activity. Therefore all supplements should be taken together for best and optimal results as shown in the below “Quick Reference Guide”. Protein and Carbo-Fuel should be taken with 2 to 3 dl of liquid. You can choose from water, milk, juice, smoothie or other liquid of your liking.

We have put many hours into developing the reference guide and have got a lot of feedback from athletes how we should mix and combine the supplements. Based on the intensity levels you will change the dosage as recommended in the reference guide.

The supplements should be taken “Before” and “After” your workout, training, race or physical exercise. All the “Before” supplements should be taken about an hour before your activity. The “After” supplements should be taken directly after you finishing your activity.

When activity lasts more than a 3 hours, re-take “Before” supplements.

Moderate: Light workout or training lasting less than 30 minutes
Intense: Increased intensity for 30-60 minutes
Extreme: Toughest workout, training, or competition day lasting more that 60 minutes
Daily: Rebuild your body on rest days