Repair, Rebuild and Recover

Complete essential Amino Acid profile plus AKGs of glutamine, and arginine for fast recovery and muscle repair. The latest and greatest in net nitrogen utilization. Gives your muscles what they need after destroying them during a tough WOD, exercise and competition. Easy to take, instant bioavailability, increased uptake by use of Astragin. All amino acids guaranteed Non-Denatured i.e. they are still in their natural molecule structure and therefore much more effective to do their work to recover and rebuild the body and cells. 


RECOVERY/ Amino Acids: (Repair, Recover, Rebuild)

- Contains each of the 12 most important instantized aminos (BCAA, EAA, AKG’S)
- Control your amino acids without artificial sugars and flavors
- The most important component to recovery after training and competition
- Amino Acids are the building blocks for muscle regeneration and recovery
- STRENGTHEN immune system
- Pharmaceutical grade Amino Acids
- Recovery for strength stamina and muscle strength

Ryno Power RECOVERY brings the latest research in net nitrogen utilization for improved recovery, repair and muscle growth. It uses Pharmaceutical Grade Essential Amino Acids and nitrogen transporters. RP RECOVERY prevents catabolism, helps improve and increase strength and stamina, maintains muscle growth, and enhances performance. It speeds recovery time, increases energy, and helps support a healthy immune system. Ryno Power RECOVERY stops the continuing breakdown of muscle tissue and delays physical and mental fatigue.