Protein - Rebuild, Recover, Energy and Hard training

Blend of multiple protein sources to keep your body satisfied. The intensity of endurance and high impact sports and competition increases your metabolic drive longer than ordinary sports. Choose a protein that works just as hard as you do! Through a process of sustained release, based on different gastric emptying co-efficient of the protein matrix and other ingredients, a continuous flow and supply of rich nutrients is maintained for several hours. Maximizing protein synthesis and lean muscle growth. All are Non-Denatured proteins which generates the best building blocks for your body.
Gluten Free, GMO Free, Zero Fillers, and Absolutely Delicious. A Protein you’ll never get sick of! 

Carbo-Fuel - Immediate and Sustained Energy

Pure clinically tested complex carbohydrates from rice and corn. Low Osmolality and High Caloric concentration. Certified Identity Preserved (IP) corn which has not been genetically modified by bioengineering technology. Tested and certified using the ELISA Procedure and PCR Method. Instant fuel prior for those tough exercises and instant recovery after. Restore muscle glycogen to facilitate anabolism, and replace glycogen levels in the brain to alleviate the lightheadedness after a workout. Nothing else added: no color, no sugar, no preservatives, no sweeteners, no aspartame, no sucralose etc.

Recovery - Repair, Rebuild and Recover

Complete essential Amino Acid profile plus AKGs of glutamine, and arginine for fast recovery and muscle repair. The latest and greatest in net nitrogen utilization. Give you muscles what they need after destroying them during a tough exercise and competition. Easy to take, instant bioavailability, increased uptake by use of Astragin. All amino acids guaranteed Non-Denatured i.e. they are still in their natural molecule structure and therefore much more effective to do their work to recover and rebuild the body and cells. 

Electrolytes - Optimal Hydration Formula

All the benefits of high calorie sugar packed sports drink without the calories. Essential micro nutrients keep neuron cells firing properly and will keep you hydrated on hot days and long days. Important mineral salts you need for correct hydration and to keep the brain sharp so you don’t get the “fog” brain. Will prevent “arm pump” and muscle cramps. 

Endurance - Unleash Power, Strength, Endurance and Minimize Lactic-Acid.

Designed to work with your existing physiology. You will have increased stamina and endurance without pumping yourself full of a mystery cocktail with ingredients you don’t know. Generous vitamin profile to keep you functioning properly at the cellular level. Strategic amino acids to facilitate nitrogen retention during and after exercise while promoting anabolism. Increased blood flow throughout your muscles, and buffers for lactic acid build up. Cordyceps, Rhodiola  Rosea, and Actigin significantly increase your bodies use of Oxygen preventing/ slowing fatigue and soreness.
Beta-Alanine helps remove and minimizing lactic acid and preventing the muscle to stiffen up.
Endurance will keep your muscle clean from waste products that are released during physical activity so they stay fresh and always are responding. 

Motivation - Mental Energy and Focus

Keep your mind super sharp during long, tough days and competition. Don’t let mental fatigue keep you from reaching new personal records. Keep your mind one movement ahead. 396mg of Guarana Seed Extract supply a smooth source of caffeine and energy. Tyrosine and Taurine aid in alertness and mental acuity. Theanine keeps you calm and keeps you focused. No debilitating crash, never Jittery, never uncomfortable, perfect when peak mental focus is needed for many hours.